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Board of Directors

From various organizations, these individuals help lead the efforts of the Alabama Federal and State Tax Institute. They serve in multi-year capacities and represent both the accounting profession and the law profession. If you are interested in serving on this board of directors, please contact Jeannine Birmingham.

Executive Officers

Roger C. Boatner, CPA

Joe Chambers, Esq

Britten Britt, Esq

Michael Dalton, Esq.

William Dow, CPA

Rebecca Givens, CPA

David Humber, Esq.

Rebecca Graham, CPA

Henry Hutchinson, Esq.

Mark Hieronymus, CPA

Sean Ingram, CPA

Sean Lay, CPA

Ashley Jones, Esq.

Daniel Leverton, Esq.

Gerry Kassouf, CPA

James Long, Esq.

Bill Lorimer, CPA

Bradley Mayhew, Esq.

John Lyle, Esq.

Stephen Moore, CPA

Thomas Mahoney, Esq.

Brooke Nelson, CPA

Lyvonnia Poppell, CPA

Steven Pearson, Esq.

Gunter Price, CPA

Heather W. Perkins, CPA

Daniel Reyer, CPA

Robert Ricco, Esq.

Lloyd C. Shelton, CPA

Emilee Scheeff, Esq.

Vincent Schilleci, Esq.

Bert Sims, CPA

Bradley Sklar, Esq.

Rachel Taylor, CPA

Kim Smith, CPA

William Thistle, Esq.

Brian Smithweck, Esq.

Anthony Willoughby, Esq.


Jeannine Birmingham, CPA

Mirit Eyal-Cohen, LLB, LLM, SJD 

Karen Miller, CPA

Board Members

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